16 Jul Have You Tried Video Marketing?

By 2019, consumer Internet video traffic will own 80% of the total consumer Internet traffic. This means that 8 out of 10 people will be watching video at one specific point in time on the Internet. This just supports the steady rise of video as the number one content channel of choice by consumers.


But the questions is, have you tried video marketing?

There are three possible answers to the question. Let’s try to find out where you stand.

1. Yes, I have tried video marketing and it’s doing wonders for my brand – For those that gave this answer you have my respect. You have recognized the power of video marketing and you are harnessing the fruits of your labor. Continue with what you are doing and don’t remember to keep up with the trends. You must be flexible enough to adapt to the best practices that can come up every now and then.

2. Yes, I have tried video marketing but I failed miserably – Don’t lose hope. Most of the marketers I know have failed once, twice, or more during their lifetime. Video marketing is not for the weak of heart. Also, it is not for people who want an easy way out. It’s not just about creating a video and hoping it goes viral. You should plan it, mold it, and market it. If you failed before, you might have skipped a step. Take a step back and realize what you could have done wrong.

3. No, I have not tried video marketing – There are a lot of reasons why you should go and start a video marketing campaign and little to no reasons why you shouldn’t. It’s never too late to start on a video marketing campaign today. Also, you don’t need hundreds or thousands of dollars to create a good video. With proper planning, you can create a video that your customers will love without having to shell out money. There are also a number of tutorials out there that can teach you how to make videos that work.


If you have a video to share but don’t know where to put it, why not use Vaetas? Vaetas is a new video marketing platform powered by the Invidz Smart Video Technology. Use the power of effective video marketing to back up your videos. They are launching this month so watch out for Vaetas.

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