14 Jul Understanding Viewer Distraction in Online Video Marketing

People easily get distracted from anything. There are a lot of times when we try our hardest to focus but still end up getting distracted with that cat GIF your officemate showed you. Getting distracted is easy especially with today’s content availability. Advertisers know this and according to them, it dramatically impacts advertising effectiveness.

Let’s be honest, everyone knew about this when we started having the idea of using video to deliver content. Why? Because it already happened before. Remember when you can’t even remember the TV commercials because you were too busy with your phone? It’s the same thing.

Sadly, there is no one metric that can measure viewer distraction. We can look at the response to the call-to-action as one but it’s not the ultimate means of measuring viewer distraction. Thing is, people may have watched your video, clicked on it, or tuned in in all its entirety but that still won’t tell us how engaged they were. The real problem here is that we can’t really say what’s “wrong” with our videos. Is it too long? Is it too boring? Is my message not properly adjusted towards my target audience?

A lot of things go on behind making an online marketing video. That includes production, video creation, editing, and marketing. There is nowhere along that process where we can assure that engagement is secured.

Sadly, the first thing you have to do to understand viewer distraction is to accept that it exists and it affects us. Next, try to watch your video during the busiest time of the day. What parts do you skip? Does the music make it cliché? Ask yourself these things and maybe you can find a way to keep your viewers glued to their screens.

A glimmer of hope exists though. Viewers are less likely to get distracted when watching through their smartphones than through their PC/laptops. So if you are getting viewer traffic from mobile phones, that may mean your viewers are more engaged.


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