14 Jul A Tour of Google Front Page – Five Ways to Achieve a Google First Page Placement

While the major search engines work similarly, we are using Google in our example as it commands 66.7% of the core search share according to comScore.

Google Front PageAchieving a Google front page placement in the major search engines is a great accomplishment considering the fierce competition. However, most business owners do not understand what this means to their business, nor the different ways it can be achieved. Most think ranking for their business name is all they need to be successful.

Unfortunately, this is a false sense of accomplishment that can actually be costing you money. Ranking for your business name is important because potential customers are searching for testimonials and reviews about your business to decide if they wish to do business with your company. However, you need to ensure that you are ranking for your keyword portfolio as well in order to generate consistent targeted traffic and new leads.

Google and the other major search engines are primarily “keyword-driven” in order to return their search results. The returned results will differ based upon the search being national or local. When a surfer types in their topic of interest, Google returns results for that topic. For example, if you typed in dentist in Hartford, Google will display the advertisements, Google+ Local listings and the top organic results associated with the dentist in Hartford search phrase. Additionally, if the keyword phrase is entered without the location, e.g. dentist, then Google checks the location (computer’s IP address) to determine the surfer’s location and will display the appropriate PPC ads and Google+ Local listings. If the search does not have local intent, then the Google+ Local listing may not display.

Google is showing users signed in to Gmail, Google+, and other Google products personalized results based on history and connectivity to what others in their network shared. The rest of the displayed results will depend on how well the websites are optimized to serve the users. For instance, a directory site that offers help to locate a dentist can rank on Page One even though it is not local.

Five Ways to Achieve a Google First Page Placement

The five ways to achieve a Google page one placement are as follows:

• Search engine marketing, also known as pay-per-click advertising

• Google+ Local, as well as Bing and Yahoo local listing

• Organic search listing for your web pages (referred to as the “top 10”) ranking because of relevance to the search terms, as opposed to their being advertisements

• Organic search listing for your videos, articles, press releases, social media profiles/posts and other marketing material

• Organic search listing for a major directory site, such as Yelp

If you are interested in how to get on Google page one, each of these topics is covered in detail in our other posts. You can locate them below in the “Featured Posts” box.

Remember, it is important to understand that you require a sound digital media marketing strategy to achieve a Google Front Page listing while branding you as an authority through a comprehensive content marketing strategy. Our Niche Dominance programs are based upon building a customized online network for your business that will help to brand you as an authority while generating targeted leads.

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