23 Jun Tips on How You can Use Videos to Capture Maximum Internet Traffic

Consumer behavior is changing a lot these days and marketers need to learn how to keep up or they will drown. These days, online consumers would rather watch an online video than read a wall of text. This is why video marketing platforms like Vaetas powered by Invidz Smart Video Technology is starting to make waves. This may look like a problem for a lot of marketers but an article from YourStory tells us otherwise.


In a study conducted by Syndacast, they have projected that videos will be consumed heavily (around 74%) by Internet traffic by 2017. This claim may sound a bit farfetched but this also goes to show how much videos are changing the whole online marketing landscape.

So how can you incorporate videos into your marketing campaigns to ensure that you get maximum Internet traffic everytime? Well, here are some tips you might want to put in mind.

1. Use videos as your content delivery channels. If you have been churning out text content for some time now, you can easily create videos for your followers. Just turn your text content into a how-to video or tutorial piece and you have excellent video content in no time.

2. Even though video is not contextual in nature, marketers should still observe SEO rules when uploading videos. This means you still have to take notice of the search and discovery tools that come with your video which includes metadata, tags, transcripts, and keywords.

3. Creating a video is just half the battle won. Make sure you have a solid distribution strategy to back it up. Upload it on your social media accounts to gain exposure to current customers. Also, consider using other video hosting platforms to get maximum exposure to Internet traffic.

4. Don’t just upload your video and leave it there. Track the analytics and find out how it is doing. Find out what you did right and where you could have done better. This is all for the creation of much better video marketing campaign in the future.


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