11 Jun How to Apply the Right Touches for your Video Marketing Strategy Makeover

A wise marketing campaign is required if you’ve set your eyes towards video marketing success. Here in this article, we’ll break down what the Business 2 Community regards as the very basics of using this awesome online marketing tool.

1. Be sure that your explainer video stands out and interesting!
The quality of your marketing video could make or break your video marketing strategy. If the animated marketing video you’ve created veers on the gray side — that means it doesn’t stand out among the many other competing videos, has a lousy and boring story or it’s badly animated, do not expect any glowing results. REMEMBER: your video not only promotes your product BUT it also represents your entire brand image.

2. Know which video style is better to use to fulfill your marketing goals.
One example of a video marketing style is the whiteboard video. This style is usually a black and white type of animation where things are explained on a digital whiteboard. It can be a very educational way in explaining things. You can play with it to explain complex things in an entertaining way, thus this kind of video presentation can be perfect to use in lecturing new web services. On the other hand, the cartoon-animated kind of marketing video could be very great for social media promotions because this kind of style is short, fun as well as very engaging.

3. Keep your articles coming.
Keeping a steady and regular supply of contents with your keywords is one of the backbones of SEO success. Posting one article or two every month isn’t enough because it will lead to Google not considering your website as updated or relevant. As a consequence, your website could be placed down on the last pages of the search ranks.

4. Be sure to place your video where people could see it.
You might come up with the most brilliant animated marketing video, but if you embedded it below the fold of your homepage, or perhaps hidden under some lonesome page landing, that video still wouldn’t generate a large amount of views. Keep in mind that your marketing video should be the first thing people see when visiting your site.


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