02 Mar Surefire Lead Generation Strategies that will Help Increase Sales

Your customers are out there. Waiting. Waiting for the day that you grab them and lead them towards your brand. This is, after all, what you do as a brand. But with the changing times, what is the best way to do this?

Before, there was TV and radio. There’s also newspaper ads and pamphlets/posters. But are these things the best way to grab attention in the digital age? Certainly not. Still, you can’t discount the fact that they bring in customers but we should focus on the channel that gives us more per dollar we spend.


So if you are still wondering like me, here are some lead generation strategies that will help boost your sales according to CIO.

Referrals – Word-of-mouth remains to be one of the best way to get qualified leads even in the digital world. Mostly because loyal customers are the best way to preach your brand. Think about it, would you trust a TV ad over somebody who has actually used a brand or service? Don’t hesitate to tell your loyal customers to tell others about your brand. They would be more than willing to share the wonder that is your brand.

Free eBooks or White Papers – You know what would make your customers love you even more? When you provide relevant information for them. Aside from making your customers happy, it also makes you or your brand an “expert authority” in your industry.

Social Media – Depending on what social media platform you are using, you can easily generate qualified leads with proper advertising. Take LinkedIn and Facebook for example. Both have excellent ad programs that gives you the power to laser-focus your ads to target your customers. So depending on the kind of leads you want, you can choose either Facebook or LinkedIn to do it for you.

Youtube Videos – The time for video marketing is now. Use Youtube videos to give your customers and would-be customers new stimuli. Most of the time, they only get information online in the form of text so a video will be more than welcome. Also, it’s a nice way to deliver a message. Short and concise.

PPC – Even to this day, PPC is considered to be one of the best ways to get quality leads. It’s a relatively cheap way of getting new customers and attracting old ones. Signing up on most PPC services like Google Adwords is free but you might need to spend some time to learn the tips and tricks to run a campaign.

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