09 May What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media MarketingSocial media marketing refers to the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites including Facebook, GooglePlus, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. Most offer the option for both a personal and a business page. The personal profile can be used for personal branding while the business page can be used for customer service or reputation management.
NOTE: As the GooglePlus page can influence your website rankings, you want to make it part of your SEO campaign as well. Discuss this with your Internet marketing consultant as Google continues to evolve this service.


• Brand your business as an authority and increase trust online.
• This is an easy way to connect with customers in real time.
• Social media increases ways to build relationships with customers.
• Your SEO rankings can be improved if social media is used correctly.
• B2B connections that are otherwise difficult to obtain with traditional networking can be improved with social media.
• Your excellent social media content can go viral and help build more loyal followers.
• Social media sites are mobile friendly to support the majority of traffic.


• Long term strategy may not produce immediate revenue.
• Social media is very labor intensive and can prove to be expensive.
• The strategy needs to be developed, as simple arbitrary postings will not produce desirable results.

With social media marketing being integrated with search engine optimization, you need to ensure that you incorporate a sound social media marketing plan into your digital media marketing strategy. With our Niche Dominance solutions, we keep up with the search engine volatility to ensure that you obtain, and then maintain a competitive advantage.

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