14 Jul What is SEO Search Engine Optimization?

What is SEO?Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, refers to making your website attractive to the major search engines. When your site incorporates good search engine guidelines, they give your web pages good positioning which means a top page one ranking. This is also referred to as making your website “search engine friendly.” Since your website is comprised of several pages and posts, it is important to understand that the search engines do not rank your website as a single entity, but rather your individual web pages are indexed and ranked independently.

Your important web pages need to have their own SEO program, as concentrating only on your home page will result in making your site appear top heavy. In other words, all the back links are back to your home page instead of spread across your important pages. This is also referred to as deep linking which is important to achieving multiple page rankings.

An SEO campaign can take months to achieve a Page One ranking, however, unlike a PPC campaign, the results can be long term. Incorporating a solid SEO campaign for your business’ website is the core to achieving Niche Dominance®.


The following are the benefits of search engine optimization:

• It provides a source of continuous free traffic.
• SEO produces the most traffic available on Page One.
• You can rank for individual web pages and not just your home page.
• You can also rank on Page One for several keyword phrases.
• SEO rankings can continue long term with a sound SEO program.


The following are the challenges of search engine optimization:

• Website pages need to be optimized according to comprehensive keyword research and analysis and search engine guidelines.
• It can often take four to six months to achieve a Page One ranking.
• A Top Five ranking is necessary to produce the most traffic.
• Ranking results are volatile and achieving a Page One ranking may not be permanent.
• Retaining rankings requires a monthly ongoing SEO campaign.
• A Page Two or lower ranking will produce little, if any, traffic.
• SEO traffic from mobile devices may not convert if website is not mobile friendly.


One thing is certain. SEO is ever changing and you need to work with a knowledgeable digital marketing consulting firm that keeps up with the technology and can incorporate techniques that help your web pages and marketing material to rank well in the search engines and not incur any penalties associated with outdated SEO techniques. Even working with multiple vendors without a sound digital marketing plan can produce disappointing and costly results.

For more details about search engine optimization, read our post: 2013 SEO STRATEGY TO AVOID PENALTIES

Contact the Niche Dominance team today to schedule a consultation. We can evaluate your current online presence and offer a sound digital media marketing strategy that can help you to dominate your competition.

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