09 May What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

What is search engine marketing (SEM)? With SEM, which is also called pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, ads display both at the top and right side of the search results, as well as within specific products, such as Gmail. This is paid advertising and does not require any search engine optimization or waiting months to see results. The following are the benefits and challenges:


• Ads can be displayed in a few hours or less and target both Internet and mobile network users.

• SEM produces quality, targeted traffic based upon the keywords you bid on.

• These SEM ad campaigns determine “money” keyword phrases that produce sales and can be used for your website’s SEO to generate free organic Page One buyer traffic.


• SEM can be expensive and for some niches cost prohibitive.

• If a PPC campaign is not managed properly, your business can lose money very quickly.

• If the advertising stops, the traffic stops and you immediately lose your Page One placement.

• SEM only produces about 2.5% of the total Page One traffic available for the keyword phrase. That is actually only about two visitors for every 100 surfers.

• PPC traffic from mobile devices may not convert if landing pages are not mobile friendly.

You need to ensure that you work with a professional SEM resource that can manage your PPC campaign. This will reduce your advertising costs and evaluate your conversions. If this process is ignored, you will be bidding on keyword phrases that are shoppers, as opposed to customers. Once the converting keywords are determined, they can then be incorporated into your SEO and content marketing programs.

SEM is part of the Niche Dominance digital media marketing program. We professionally manage your SEM campaign as part of your overall digital marketing plan.

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