17 Jul Publishing a Kindle Book for Lead Generation

Publishing a Kindle bookIs your lead generation and marketing material collecting digital dusk on your hard drive? Imagine having Amazon pay you while sending free leads! Why would Amazon do it? They are desperate for reading material and you can publish your content for free as Kindle books. The twist is to use them as a lead generation system. Thus you need to consider publishing a kindle book to capitalize on this explosive trend.

With the Kindle explosion and this escalating need for content, Amazon also wrote Kindle Reader applications for every major smartphone, tablet, and computer including the Android phone or tablet, iPad, iPhone, Mac, Windows 8 PC or tablet, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone 7.

Kindle Lead Generation Strategy

Most businesses are put off by this strategy because they think they need to write an actual book. But this is not true. If you do not have a book, you can write and publish short reports or publish your current content that you use to generate leads. As long as the content is original, of high quality and does not violate their Terms of Service (TOS), Amazon will publish your material.

The key is to include a compelling free offer with a strong call to action and link to a lead capture page. Now qualified Amazon buyers who download your report can visit your lead capture page and sign up for your list.

How Amazon Helps to Market your Kindle Books

When a new Kindle book is approved and published, Amazon will:

• Feature it in their new releases section.
• Email their customer base announcing it to those who have previously purchased a Kindle book in that genre.
• Offer the Kindle KDP Select Program for ongoing free promotion.
• Allow customers to highlight, make notes, and share your book’s content via Twitter and other social networks.

Kindle KDP Select Program

By enrolling in the free Kindle KDP Select Program, you are giving Amazon exclusivity on a renewable 90-day basis. This program allows their readers to borrow your book from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, and when they do, Amazon pays you a royalty, as well as for book sales. However, the real benefit is that Amazon provides five days per quarter to give your book away for free. Why give your Kindle book away for free? Because, as a lead generation system, you want as many individuals as possible to download your Kindle book and visit your lead capture page. Additionally, Amazon views each book download as a vote and rewards your book with higher page ranking. The more downloads, the better the chance of an Amazon page one placement.

Getting Started

To create your Kindle report:

• Use Amazon to determine what current Kindle books or paperbacks are published about your topic.
• Decide the information that will be helpful to your potential customers. Make sure it is original and offers value. Avoid information that is easily found on the Internet.
• Create your report in Microsoft Word and include images if appropriate.
• Include your call to action and link to your website’s lead capture page.
• Create a cover graphic.

Kindle Publishing

• Go to http://kdp.amazon.com and sign up for a free Kindle account.
• Watch the “How To” Kindle publishing video.
• Fill out the Amazon Author Page to track your statistics.
• Reference the book on your website and link to your Amazon book page.
• Announce it on your Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Twitter accounts.

The goal is not to sell books, but rather to generate leads from Amazon’s huge customer base. An additional benefit is that you will differentiate yourself from the competition by being a published author. If your content is excellent and helpful, you will also build trust which will help to increase sales from these new leads.

With our Authority Niche Dominance program, we assist you with publishing a Kindle book and incorporate an effective lead generation program as part of your digital media marketing strategy.

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