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Online Banner AdvertisingOnline banner advertising services are provided by third party vendors and are not part of the Niche Dominance core.

If implemented effectively, they can complement your online marketing efforts. They can be viewed as advertising – if you stop the campaigns, you lose the traffic. We suggest that you build your Niche Dominance core first before investing in these types of advertising campaigns. In this post, we provide the benefits and challenges, as well as the questions to ask banner advertising companies to help you make an informed decision.

banner advertising networks

Some banner advertising networks offer to post a banner or text ad across a network of websites in order to generate traffic to your website. Additionally, major television stations and newspapers offer this because their websites regularly generate a significant amount of traffic. These banner network advertising companies will usually create a graphic for your business that will link to either your website or a page on their website. This page will contain information about your company and provide contact information and a link to your website. It appears on the surface to be an attractive way to advertise to thousands of potential customers.

WHAT TO CONSIDER When investing in an online advertising network

Banner ad campaigns usually charge for displaying the ad and not for actual traffic generation. It is the opposite of a pay-per-click campaign. The term used is CPM (Cost per Thousand). You are charged on a per view basis, e.g., a dollar amount for every thousand times your ad displays. Do not confuse the amount of displays you purchase with the amount of traffic you will receive. What matters is how many of those viewing the web pages actually click on your ad and visit your web site or call you.

All that these banner advertising networks promise is how many times your ad will be displayed on the websites in the network. Think of it similar to a TV advertisement; they are offering you the opportunity to be seen by their website audience whether there is a return or not. The issue with this approach is that it offers general, as opposed to targeted, traffic so it is a numbers game. To illustrate the point, which would you prefer? 1) Your ad being seen be 5,000 viewers who may or may not be interested in your offer; or 2) 10 people searching for a business like yours using a related keyword phrase proactively and clicking on either your PPC ad or your website’s top search engine ranking?

Another issue for consideration is banner blindness. With the proliferation of banner ads over the years, surfers may not see your banner ad even when it’s being prominently displayed on the page they are viewing.

Even flashing banners can be ignored. This is also considered old technology and unless tested for your market, this option may not produce the desired results for your investment. You should be conservative and expect less that a 1% return, e.g, amount of traffic for the number of displays. Remember, that is just traffic and not sales. Usually people need to see an offer about seven times before they purchase if they are not proactively searching for your solution.


Below are suggested questions to ask the vendor:

1. Do you use general websites to display my banner ad or are they grouped by niche market? The more specific the match is the better the chance of results.

2. Do you offer statistics that track the number of displays and the click through rate to my website?

3. Will you help me to create an animated banner to improve visibility?

4. Do you guarantee a minimum click through rate for the campaign? Remember, your ad display without receiving traffic = a zero return.

5. How long am I committed to running your banner ad campaigns?

6. Can I run a test campaign to see if the campaign generates any results?

It is not recommended that you use blindly invest in an online banner advertising as part of your online marketing campaign. If you decide to try it, then negotiate a 30-day test campaign and track the results. You should have the traffic sent to a landing page and capture the email addresses so you can follow up and build a relationship with the visitors. However, the return may not be worth the investment. Watch the video above to understand how banner advertising can be profitable, however proceed with a plan to test the effectiveness of the campaign.

Beware of Online Banner Advertising Guarantees

Many banner advertising companies will offer a guarantee if you are not happy with the results of their online banner advertising campaign. However, do not expect a refund. Most will offer to continue to run the campaign free of charge for a period of time. While this sounds fair, think about it! If you did not receive satisfactory results the first time, how will running it again generate better results? Ask them what they plan to differently in order to improve the results.

The Niche Dominance digital media marketing strategies are designed to evolve with the rapidly changing search engine environment so your business can achieve a competitive advantage in today’s growing competitive landscape. We can also assist you in evaluating the effectiveness of your online banner advertising alternatives to ensure you invest in the best solution.

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