Local Niche Dominance

local business internet marketingOur Local Niche Dominance program is a turnkey digital marketing solution. It is custom designed for local small business objectives.  The goal of the program is to generate new leads today while building a long-term lead generation and branding network for tomorrow. This strategy helps sustain your business while providing a competitive advantage for years to come in your local marketplace.


If you have struggled to transition your marketing dollars online or feel you are not getting the results your business deserves, this program suits your exact needs.


The Local Niche Dominance digital marketing program is offered to clients on an exclusive basis. This exclusivity is determined by your niche and specific geographic location(s).


The Local Niche Dominance program includes:

  • Creating a comprehensive keyword portfolio that represents your target market
  • Optimizing your website properly for: users, the search engines and mobile networks.
  • Using your current marketing material to build an online branding network.
  • Ensuring that your website can convert your visitors into customers because traffic without conversions equals no new customers.
  • Developing your major online real estate and business directories to grow your company assets.
  • Properly designing your social media profiles and pages for heightened branding and customer engagement.
  • Planning and managing your social media marketing efforts to communicate brand awareness to customers or prospects.
  • Integrating a reputation marketing system to build trust and attract new customers.
  • Incorporating your traditional marketing plan with our digital content strategy to lower customer acquisition cost.
  • Utilizing your custom YouTube channel for expanded lead generation.
  • Further expansion of your business brand through the use of press releases and online articles.
  • Overseeing your online advertising campaigns to maximize efficiency and profitability.
  • A Project Manager assigned to your account to ensure successful implementation of the Niche Dominance program.
  • Providing a 30 minute monthly call to discuss results and next steps.


Apply today to enroll your business in our exclusive Local Niche Dominance program?


If you are ready to bring your business to the next level, then our Authority Niche Dominance program may be right for you.


Authority Niche Dominance


If you are currently a coach, speaker or want to take your business brand to the next level, see our Authority Niche Dominance solution. It builds upon the Local Niche Dominance offering and provides a publishing and/or product development platform. Authority Niche Dominance can put you on the path to becoming the leading authority in your niche globally in addition to owning your local marketplace.


If you are uncertain about which program is the correct choice for your business, then our digital marketing consulting service will help you to develop a custom solution.


Our Niche Dominance digital media marketing service offerings are designed to conform to the rapidly changing search engine environment thus ensuring your business obtains a competitive advantage.