08 Jul A Lesson to Learn from Airline Safety Videos

Ever saw one of those videos from airline companies? A bit tacky, eh? Well, that’s a very big problem amongst the players in the airline industry. It just feels so hard to look for a video that can really appeal to their audience. In reality, they don’t just want something that people will watch. They want something that they can remember. Something that they will tell their friends about. Something that will probably go viral. That’s where airline safety videos come in.

Airline safety is boring. Every time you ride a plane you hear the team tell you about when to put on your seatbelt or where you should exit in case of emergency. Stll, ReelSeo reports that airline safety videos might be the savior for airline companies and their digital marketing campaigns.


Well, it’s only because most of the viral videos related to the aviation industry are airline safety videos. Remember videos such as “The Internet safety video on the Internet” from Delta airlines where they used different Internet memes to present the safety precautions when boarding a plane. The video currently sits at 8 million views and is considered to be one of the most popular airline safety video of all time. Another one is the “The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made” by Air New Zealand. It currently has over 14.6 million views on Youtube alone.

So what does this tell us?

Personally, I believe it tells us that the viewers want to have a little bit of fun every now and then but they also want to get something from that fun. Take the given airline safety videos. They were fun in the sense that you can recognize the cameos and memes included in the video but they also taught us airline safety.

Thing is, businesses should know how to balance message and the fun factor. You might have a good message but people won’t bother watching it if.

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