12 Jul What is Jaaxy? Our Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review

Jaaxy is a newer online keyword research tool that was designed by actual Internet marketers. It is intended to quickly reveal the hottest and most profitable keywords by searching on an initial root keyword phrase, such as weight loss. It then returns a list of the top associated keyword phrases, as well as competitive information and other associated keyword phrases. It allows users to drill down on each phrase to reveal even more keyword phrases. It also provides “at a glance” visual cues that indicate how easily a keyword phrase can rank in the search engines. Additionally, it allows users to save selected keyword phrases to folders for later reference.

In addition to the Google AdWords keyword tool, we use the Jaaxy keyword research tool because we found the Google tool to provide inaccurate results. Jaaxy actually pulls its data from Yahoo and Bing, as well as Google, so it is more accurate.

Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review

We have tried desktop keyword research tools, however they had their issues. They were bloated with functionality that was unnecessary. For example, they generated charts and graphs that we never used once the shiny object syndrome wore off. The biggest issue is they solely relied on the Google Adwords keyword tool for their data. In addition to the inaccurate traffic searches, the tool will temporarily not work when Google made a change to their algorithm. Another annoyance was these tools have to use a timer to pace the keyword search queries; or Google will temporarily ban your IP address and you could not conduct keyword research from either the tool or directly using the Google keyword tool. With Jaaxy, this issue is eliminated which results in time saved while obtaining more accurate information.

Jaaxy is an online niche keyword tool and SEO keyword tool that is accessible via your web browser. After you conduct your keyword research, you can save the selected keyword phrases to folders within the Jaaxy service. You can also export your keyword data as .csv or .txt files which you can then manipulate the data in Excel or other spreadsheet program.

Keyword Research Feature

Jaaxy Keyword ResultsQuick Visual Reference

Jaaxy provides a Keyword Quality Indicator (KQI) which is a color coded gadget, similar to a traffic light unit:
Per each keyword you will get a visual clue: RED, ORANGE or GREEN.

Green = Easy ranking
Orange = More competitive but ranking possible with good SEO
Red = Too competitive

This is a useful fast visual clue on the SEO potential of the keywords. We then group these easy ranking keyword phrases for inclusion into our blog posts and content marketing strategy.

Jaaxy SEO Power
This is a numeric value given to each keyword and ranges from 0 to 100. The higher the number, the easier it is to rank for the keyword phrase.

Site Rank Feature

This feature allows you to enter a keyword phrase and URL to quickly check where the page ranks in the search engines.

Jaaxy searches to see if any content posted on the web is ranking for the keyword phrase. This includes videos, articles and Web 2.0 properties.

Website SERPS FeatureJaaxy website knowledge Stats

Jaxxy also provides competitive information for the top ranking sites for your selected keyword phrase. The data provided is as follows:

Quantity of Back links – The number of back links do not matter as much as the quality of the links. This will help you to determine your back linking strategy.Word Count – how many words are used on the ranking page. This stat helps to quickly gauge what sort of length is appropriate to rank for the keyword phrase.

PageRank – Gives you a quick view of the page rank of the sites. Sometimes PR 0 sites with quality content can outrank PR 7 sites with a large number of back links.

Affiliate Programs Feature

If you want to sell niche products, Jaaxy will search using the desired keyword phrase for associated products. Affiliate networks currently include: Commission Junction, Link Share, Zanox, Digital River and Click Bank.

Brainstorm Feature

This feature reports on the trending topics which can generate ideas what to market. This is a good tool for affiliate marketers.

Jaaxy Pricing Options

Try Jaaxy Free – 30 free searches so you can determine the value
Jaaxy Pro – $19/month; $199/year
Jaaxy Enterprise – for Power Users: $49/month; $499/year

Review Summary

To summarize, Jaaxy provides you with the following for $19 per month:

  • Unlimited keyword searches per month
  • Unlimited domain searches per month
  • Keywords Suggestions
  • Website Competition: On Demand
  • SEO Power Score: On Demand
  • SEO Competition Tool
  • Keyword Quality Indicator: On Demand
  • In-depth website analyzer
  • Affiliate program locator
  • Hot Trends and Topics
  • Keyword list management
  • Keyword to Do List
  • Search History
  • Training Videos


The only con that we see is that the user has to click on each keyword individually to obtain the results. This is probably to save on computing power however it would be nice if the results came back when the keywords are returned.

If your goal is to achieve Niche Dominance, ensure that you work with a professional digital marketing consulting firm with the proper experience. They will generate a comprehensive keyword phrase portfolio that will be the foundation of your digital marketing campaign. Additionally, they will ensure that you have a sound digital media marketing strategy that incorporates the keyword portfolio to help brand you as an authority while generating consistent targeted leads.

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