05 Jul What is Internet Traffic and Internet Conversions

Traffic-02-smIt is important to understand what is Internet traffic and Internet conversions. The goal of a sound Internet marketing plan can be divided into two components: targeted traffic and conversions. There are specific requirements necessary to achieve success with both components. While this is basic information, we find that many business owners do not understand its importance and that it is worth explaining.

Targeted Traffic

Targeted traffic, whether local or national, is achieved when your web pages and digital marketing material is found by surfers interested in finding a business like yours. You can obtain free internet traffic through search engine optimization or buy internet traffic through running Google Adwords and other PPC campaigns; or by running banner ads on high traffic sites. When surfers click on your link in the search results, a social media page or on one of your ads and visit your web page, this is considered traffic to your website.

For this traffic to be valuable, it must be targeted. Many companies judge success by the volume of traffic received, however if the visitors are not interested in your products or services, you will not make many sales. For example, if you are a personal injury lawyer located in Charleston and people in Tampa are visiting your site, you will probably not acquire many new clients. Conversely, if someone in Chicago with lower back pain is searching for a remedy using the keyword phrase, “how to get rid of lower back pain” and they visit your E-Commerce site, there is a good chance that you will make a product sale, even if you are located in California.

Website Conversions

Having targeted traffic visiting a website that offers confusing content with no call to action reduces the chance of obtaining new customers. It can also hurt your search engine rankings. Internet conversions occur when your targeted traffic takes action when they visit your website. Examples of a call to action include:

• Calling your company for a specific reason
• Filling out a form for more information or to receive a discount coupon
• Scheduling a free consultation
• Having an online chat to answer a specific question, or
• Making a purchase

You Have Only Seven Seconds or your Visitors are Gone!

Unfortunately, many business websites are no more than a billboard and potential customers are confused as to what to do. This may cause them to leave in frustration and move on to a competitor’s site. This reduces your website conversion rate. You have seven seconds to get a visitor to take action or they’re gone, and that’s a proven statistic. Having a website that provides original quality content and a clear call to action will dramatically increase the conversion rate, essentially converting your traffic into customers.

For instance, one of our new clients expressed concern that they were not receiving the expected amount of consultations from their website sign up form.

After reviewing the traffic statistics, the conversions were proportionately low for the amount of traffic. Upon reviewing their website, we discovered that it took three clicks for a potential patient to locate the form to schedule a consultation. Also, the phone number was not prominently placed on the pages. We restructured the site and added the consultation sign up form and phone number to every web page. This reduced the amount of clicks and navigation required to schedule a consultation. The result was that the amount of consultations tripled. We then worked to increase the traffic which further increased the amount of consultations.

The goal of a comprehensive digital marketing plan is to continually increase targeted traffic and ensure to keep testing to improve converting the traffic into customers.

Our Niche Dominance digital media marketing strategies include evaluating your current traffic and conversion statistics to ensure that you are receiving the best return for your current online environment. We then make any necessary changes and updates required. Our solution is also designed to evolve with the rapidly changing search engine environment to ensure your business can gain a competitive advantage even with fierce competition.

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