18 Jun When Facebook is Better than Youtube

There was once a time when Youtube would be the first thing that enters your mind when you are talking about online videos. Well, it still seems to be the case these days but with the inclusion of native video support in the world’s largest social media platform, Facebook dethroning Youtube as the number 1 video streaming platform might be possible. This means that now, your marketing videos can be easily shared to your followers on Facebook and other video platforms like Vaetas powers by Invidz Smart Video Technology.

Think about it, Facebook is a clear contender in the online video sharing niche. It already has the highest number of users and people rarely go about their days without visiting it. If you have your own Facebook account, you will notice that more and more videos are being shared every day by your friends. This is mostly because people love watching videos than reading walls of text. Videos turn information into easily digested tidbits that we all love.


Oh… And a lot of marketers are noticing this trend.

Lately, more and more brands are taking advantage of the new online video craze. Reports have shown that Facebook receives up to 4 billion video views per day. The reason for this? People like it when they don’t have to go off-site just to view a video. It creates some sort of content continuity for them.

So what does this mean for you? Well, this just means Facebook is something you might want to look into even if you are focused on distributing videos. Of course there are other platforms like Vaetas powered by Invidz Smart Video Technology but if you want to serve your videos fresh to your followers then Facebook might just be the intelligent solution.

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