02 Aug Email Blast Marketing to Obtain New Customers

Email Blast MarketingMany email blast marketing vendors offer email blasts to large opt-in lists as a marketing technique. They usually charge a fee based upon to how many email addresses that you wish to send your email advertisement. The lists are usually organized by demographics and other criteria.

Essentially, you provide the ad and link to a website landing page that contains details about the offer and a call to action, which is usually a phone number or web form to fill out. The web form can add new prospects to your list as well. Some email marketing services offer landing pages and forward the leads to the business. While emailing a target audience of thousands of people is attractive, the returns can be disappointing.

One client who later hired us indicated that he had tried a large email campaign. A vendor emailed an ad to a list of 50,000 people who fit the demographics; the cost was $6000.

Here are the results as recorded by the email blast services email tracking system:

Emails sent – 50,000
Number opened – 28
Clicks to landing page – 6
Calls or leads generated- 0

Obviously, it was a very painful experience. Below are some of the reasons for the poor return:

  • Over half of the emails ended up in the spam folder, never read.
  • With the fear of computer viruses and identity theft, more people are deleting emails from sources that they do not recognize, so the email was never read by this group. This could account for another third of the distribution list.
  • People are inundated with emails and just ignore them due to feeling overwhelmed.
  • People just want to buy from companies that are familiar with and trust.

The vendor re-sent the email a few days later to the same list and there was no improvement in the rate of return.

In some cases, companies have had a good return from cold email campaigns. If you wish to try it, ask the vendor if they can provide a test campaign where the list is emailed in smaller numbers. This will test the subject lines and ad content to see if your changes increase the open rate. Without great email subject lines, you would not be able to give away $10 bills unless people are reading your email messages.

The standard return is estimated to be a 1/10 of 1% return on an email blast marketing campaign. However, that may be high since technology and the way people react to marketing techniques is changing.

The Niche Dominance digital media marketing strategies are designed to evolve with the rapidly changing search engine environment so your business can achieve a competitive advantage in today’s growing competitive landscape. We can also advise you in evaluating the effectiveness of your email blast marketing options to ensure you invest in the best email marketing blasts.

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