02 Jul Drafting a Successful Video Marketing Strategy

Let’s just admit it now and say that video marketing is really here to stay. No, I am not trying to sound defeated. Well, I am truly happy with this. Mostly because I have watched how videos evolved from being just stuff you watch online to the very content that affects a person’s behavior. With the addition of a number of video marketing platforms like Vaetas Powered By Invidz Smart Video Technology, video marketing looks seemingly impossible to stop in its ascent.


There are a lot of ways to use videos for your marketing campaigns. It can be used for product launch, brand awareness campaigns, or customer service purposes. The sky is the limit when it comes to using videos. Business2Community just recently released an article on the different tips on how you can draft a successful video marketing campaign. They listed down four different tips that, which I also personally believe, will really raise the bar in your video marketing campaigns. The tips they mentioned include:

1. Set your videos as a series – People love it when they are watching out for something new every day of the week. So setting up a weekly series or two might be great to keep your viewers excited every now and then.

2. Keep it short and simple – There is a short window of opportunity for video content. 5-minute videos are considered “too long” so you need to play around with keeping your videos as short and concise as possible. It also helps if you follow tip number 1 so you won’t be pressured to give too much in such a short time.

3. Show them how it’s done – Currently, tutorials and how-to videos are considered to be the popular kinds of videos in social media. This is mostly because people admire brands or businesses who offer some kind of “benefit” to them and knowledge tops everything. Sharing your knowledge to your viewers makes them feel that they are really important and that you really want them to stay.

4. Let them join in – It’s not a bad idea to ask your followers/fans to join in on the video creation fun. Sharing user-created content is always a good idea especially if you have a bustling community full of enthusiastic individuals.



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