Digital Marketing Consulting

Digital Marketing ConsultingIn the new digital age, it is difficult for some businesses to know the best online marketing strategy for their target market. For example, if you sell both locally and nationally and need to brand yourself as an expert, you will require a more holistic approach to reach both target markets.


For each special case, we offer the Digital Marketing Consulting program to help determine the best course of action for your marketing plan. With this program, we perform a comprehensive online audit of you marketplace and existing online presence. We connect virtually via video chat or make travel arrangements to visit your place of business for a half-day consulting session.


By providing a thorough competitive analysis, we will determine the fastest way to generate leads today while creating a solid long-term online presence for tomorrow.


You will receive a report of the findings, as well as a targeted digital marketing strategy for your business after we review with our team.


We also provide a one-hour call to discuss the results, as well as answer your questions.


With this program, you will have the following “8 Takeaways” after our analysis:

1. The exact keyword portfolio that prospects are using each day to locate a business like yours that you should be targeting in all your future online marketing efforts.


2. How much your competitors are spending to acquire leads online and what you need to realistically budget to avoid common pitfalls or overspending like they do.


3. Where you truly rank organically in Google, Yahoo and Bing as compared to your niche market’s top online competitors and what it will take for your business to become more prominent.


4. If your website is designed and optimized for good search engine placement and user experience or if it is costing you money in its current format.


5. If any bad online reviews or negative press from the past is hurting your conversions or search engine rankings without your knowledge


6. If your social media presence is being built with solid online marketing principles or becoming a costly waste of time


7. Action steps to become the dominant authority in your niche


8. A thorough list of all the places your business is currently listed or mentioned online to help you build on your current foundation or past work completed.


If you decide to invest in our digital marketing consulting program, we will not only customize the solution to your requirements, but also apply the consulting fee to the cost of the program.

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