23 Jan Is Content the New SEO?

Content is the new SEO.

Yep. You heard that right. It’s the biggest news on SEO today and a lot of people have been talking about it including Huffington Post, Neil Pattel of Quick Sprout, and now even Rand Fishkin of Moz.


Honestly, its not really a new thing and a lot of people have been saying that it is the case especially these days. But how far does this idea go? How and why is SEO and content so intertwined these days?

Well, people behind this belief provide a very simple way of seeing their point. Think about it, when searching on Google, you will be given a slew of great content. It comes in various formats including landing pages, blogs, pages, and various websites. Clicking a link means that you are ready to either watch a video or read an article. No matter how brief it is, it will still require you to visit a specific site and spend time there. Simply put, content is truly SEO in the sense that search engine optimization equals your content ranking in the SERPS.

So is it really possible to attain good SEO just by creating good content?

If you ask Rand Fishkin then yes. The idea is that it’s not just about great content sitting on your site. Having great content can do wonders to your site. For example, it is a non-manipulative way of gathering new and quality links. Think about it. Making real life conversation online using comments and links. It’s something that sounds utopic but the idea works as long as you have great content.

A lot of blogs and bigger websites have taken into account this idea and used content as their driving force behind their SEO campaigns. Before, content was just PART of an SEO campaign but now you can easily craft a campaign around the content you produce on your site.

So what does this tell us? Well, it’s high time for us to go and focus on producing excellent content for our site. Forget about manually adding backlinks or focusing too much on keywords among other things. Make sure you have content worth reading first and everything should follow. Remember that going viral is not about forcing things to happen. It’s about waiting and crafting the right content for it to blast off.

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