Review – Marketing Video Software

15 Feb Review – Marketing Video Software

New Powerful Marketing Video Software Helps Convert more Viewers into Customers during Viewer Engagement

Welcome to the next evolution of marketing video software. With Clipz Smart Video Technology, you can now turn YOUR videos into powerful interactive smart videos to increase conversions for your online video marketing. provides LIVE call to action buttons right in your videos to generate more leads and increase impulse buy sales wherever your video is displayed online. This helps to convert more viewers into customers during viewer engagement. It means making videos smarter.

clipz-white-LOGOImagine capturing emails, scheduling a consultation or webinar, having prospects call you or selling “impulse buy” products while viewers are engaged watching your videos. Clipz integrates the calls to action and they work where ever videos can be displayed.


What Makes Clipz Unique

What makes unique is that your videos can be distributed to sites other than your website and the live call to action buttons work! They are integrated with major lead capture and transaction processing services that you currently use. The prospect’s information, once captured by your video, is automatically passed to your lead capture and transaction processing accounts. The calls to action are integrated into your videos and are just links out to other sites. Customers can take action while engaged in your video’s content instead of leaving which causes lost sales.

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Why Clipz?

Traditional video marketing is broken. It’s using an age old TV advertising model to try to get people to buy. Online video uses the same model that was developed 73 years ago. And the conversions are just terrible because viewers have to leave the video while they’re engaged in order to take action. eliminates barriers, and creates higher levels of engagement between a business and its clients. It’s just going to change the way things are. Clipz is a new paradigm and it’s going to take the Internet by storm.Clipz Shopping Cart

The Clipz Platform is a cloud-based online service that integrates with major service providers as opposed to just linking out to web pages. It also has a built-in social media marketing engine. Clipz converts the source video into the major formats necessary for playback on computer and mobile devices. HD videos can now be used as independent landing pages because offers HLS Adaptive Streaming and 4k video formatting which is the next step in the advancement of ultra high definition (UHD).

Powerful Analytic Tools – User Engagement and Heatmaps

Clipz also provides powerful analytic tools including a heat map. Your videos display a heatmap that shows precisely which portions viewers watched, skipped, watched over, stopped viewing, as well as indicates your best performing video content. The color darkens to display most viewed parts of the video.

Clipz Open API Integration offers a full API to their Integration Partners. Their API Includes ALL the functionality of the Clipz Platform and can be seamlessly integrated. You can either use Clipz as a member, or if you want to integrate Clipz into your product or customer dashboard, the API makes this possible.

Clipz is definitely the next generation marketing video software and with online content migrating to over 70 percent video in the next few years, it is worth getting ahead of the curve.

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