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how do search engines work

07 Jul How do Search Engines Work

how do search engines workIt is important that you understand the question asking, “how do search engines work? To rank in the search engines requires a two-step process. The first step is indexing your web pages into their database. This is how they keep track of your website’s existence and store the associated information. The second process is assigning a ranking to your site. The search engines use software called spiders. The spiders patrol the Internet, reporting back information about websites. The search engines evaluate the data and assign each web page a position. For example, a new site initially may not rank in the top 1000 results.
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what is internet traffic and Internet Conversions

05 Jul What is Internet Traffic and Internet Conversions

Traffic-02-smIt is important to understand what is Internet traffic and Internet conversions. The goal of a sound Internet marketing plan can be divided into two components: targeted traffic and conversions. There are specific requirements necessary to achieve success with both components. While this is basic information, we find that many business owners do not understand its importance and that it is worth explaining.
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small business website hosting

02 Jul Small Business Website Hosting

small business website hostingIn order to have a website online, you need to use a web server that is attached to the Internet. Once you establish an account, your small business website hosting provider will email you the DNS addresses associated with your website. After logging into your domain registration account such as GoDaddy, update your domain name with these addresses. This action points your domain name to your website, and usually can be performed by your web designer.
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business domain names

22 Jun Business Domain Names

Your business domain names or URL is the most essential part of your online presence. It is the asset that you need to own. Many businesses have their web designer register their domain name when their website is being built. Realize that if this is the case, then your web designer owns the domain name and NOT you. We recommend that you check to verify that you own your domain and if not, have it transferred into your name. We have heard horror stories from business owners about being held hostage over their domain name.
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