Niche Keyword Research

12 Jul What is Jaaxy? Our Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review

Jaaxy is a newer online keyword research tool that was designed by actual Internet marketers. It is intended to quickly reveal the hottest and most profitable keywords by searching on an initial root keyword phrase, such as weight loss. It then returns a list of the top associated keyword phrases, as well as competitive information and other associated keyword phrases. It allows users to drill down on each phrase to reveal even more keyword phrases. It also provides “at a glance” visual cues that indicate how easily a keyword phrase can rank in the search engines. Additionally, it allows users to save selected keyword phrases to folders for later reference.
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10 Jul How to Keyword Research for your Business in 2013

Many businesses achieve a false sense of accomplishment if they are ranking on Page One for their business name or a single keyword phrase associated with their business. If few people are searching for your business name, then ranking number one for it will not produce the desired results. Understanding how to keyword research is necessary to better understand what your potential business opportunity is for good search engine rankings. You need to determine the number of keyword phrases and total amount of monthly searches that are associated with your business. This is a more complete traffic picture. However, with the Internet changing so rapidly, you now need to create a keyword portfolio, as opposed to just a list of keyword phrases.
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