Custom Publishing

24 Jul Publish Book Online to Build Niche Authority

Writing a book can be considered a daunting task, especially if writing is not your passion. However, being an author is still considered a major accomplishment and something unique. To publish a book online will help brand you as an authority in your niche. When watching experts interviewed in the media on a topic, you often hear something like, “We will now hear from Jane Doe on the subject. She is the author of ___________.” A book will provide you with instant credibility and offer a competitive advantage. In a fiercely competitive marketplace, a book will help you rise above the competition.
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Calibre ebook publishing

23 Jul How to Publish an Ebook

Calibre ebook publishingIf your goal is to brand yourself as an authority and wish to include a book marketing and PR campaign, then we suggest that you publish your book in both paperback, as well as digital formats including publishing a kindle book. We also recommend that you publish short reports that compliment your book. This post will cover how to publish an ebook using an easy-to-use program called Calibre.
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Publishing a Kindle book

17 Jul Publishing a Kindle Book for Lead Generation

Publishing a Kindle bookIs your lead generation and marketing material collecting digital dusk on your hard drive? Imagine having Amazon pay you while sending free leads! Why would Amazon do it? They are desperate for reading material and you can publish your content for free as Kindle books. The twist is to use them as a lead generation system. Thus you need to consider publishing a kindle book to capitalize on this explosive trend.
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