09 Jul How to Avoid These Common Business Video Mistakes

We all make mistakes but that should never excuse us from making sure we don’t make the same ones again. Sadly, a lot of people really don’t learn from their own and other’s mistakes. So here are some of the more common business video mistakes according to CIO.com and how you can avoid them.


Not having a clear objective – Remember that in whatever you do as a business, you always should have an objective in mind. This still follows when making business videos. Always make sure you know what you want with your videos. This way, you won’t lose track of your goal.

No call to action or contact information – So you created an excellent video and people watch it by the thousands. It gets shared on social media and people are talking about it. Still, this won’t mean anything if you have no contact information or call to action in your video. Remember that a video should lead your viewers to the “next logical step” in your sales process and that’s what the call to action does. Don’t forget to include a “call us today!” or even a “visit our site!” after your video.

Being too boring – Videos aren’t and shouldn’t be created just for the sole purpose of showing off what you can do. It’s not all about telling people you are better or that you have the best price. It should also have a bit of fun factor into it. Being too boring and scripted is the number one reason why people don’t like watching or cringe at the idea of watching business videos.

Overproducing – Now, I understand that you don’t want your videos to be boring but this does not mean you should include explosions and car crashes in every video you make. Don’t forget about your goal and objective and build a video around it. Don’t put too much distracting elements in the video so your viewers can easily focus on the message.

Telling, not showing – Have you ever tried telling a story to a group of friends? Isn’t it easier if you “show” them what happened instead of just “telling” it? Don’t just focus on your brand and products all the time. Instead of just telling them that you are good, show them why you are good.

Creating lengthy videos – Viewers these days like it when the videos are shorter. Anything over 5 minutes is too much for business videos. If TV ads can send a message in 30 seconds or shorter, you can also create a good business video in 1-3 minutes. This way, your viewers won’t feel trapped.

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