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Niche Dominance Coaching Offer

21 Jun Niche Dominance Coaching Offer

For a limited time our personal strategy coach has agreed to work with interested entrepreneurs from subscribers to our Niche Dominance Ezine. She only works with 10 clients at any given time because she believes in offering as much quality as possible to each individual...

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small business website hosting

02 Jul Small Business Website Hosting

small business website hostingIn order to have a website online, you need to use a web server that is attached to the Internet. Once you establish an account, your small business website hosting provider will email you the DNS addresses associated with your website. After logging into your domain registration account such as GoDaddy, update your domain name with these addresses. This action points your domain name to your website, and usually can be performed by your web designer.
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09 May What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media MarketingSocial media marketing refers to the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites including Facebook, GooglePlus, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. Most offer the option for both a personal and a business page. The personal profile can be used for personal branding while the business page can be used for customer service or reputation management. NOTE: As the GooglePlus page can influence your website rankings, you want to make it part of your SEO campaign as well. Discuss this with your Internet marketing consultant as Google continues to evolve this service.
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