09 Jun 5 Factors that Prevent Tech Companies from Making Great Marketing Videos

Thank God for online videos. With videos, you can now spread your message without having to worry about making your viewers feel bored. It’s fun, fresh, and easily digested. It’s even better now that there are multiple tools and systems that can help you market your videos. Like Vaetas powered by Invidz Smart Video Technology.


We still have to remember that videos can sometimes act like a double edged sword. As much as it can help your business, it can also be the cause of its downfall. One bad video and you can be sure people will remember the negatives for the next 5 years.

So how can you say that a video is going to fail? Well, here are some factors that make bad marketing videos. Try to see if you see them frequently in your campaigns.

1. Zero strategy – In any kind of campaign, strategy and planning is really important. You don’t just produce a video for the heck of it and expect it to be great. A great marketing video is carefully planned and a strategy is cooked up so it reaches its intended goal. Still, this is the most common error that tech companies make. They believe that as long as they churn out a video, things will happen.

2. A rushed project – If you want something to be done fast then you should not expect something great. Nothing great was ever rushed. Make sure that you plan everything out and do it carefully. No, I am not saying a 5-year project will ensure success. What I am trying to say here is that beautiful things take time.

3. Not using your own talent – A lot of tech companies use actors for the marketing videos and it ends up biting them in the rear. Just take a look at Google. Google used their veteran employees in their marketing videos and they did quite well on that department. Find employees that really embody the company and don’t be afraid to use them for your videos.

4. The boring videos – Being a tech company does not mean you should be boring. Find a way to make your videos fun for everybody. Even simple how to videos can still be fun with a little creativity. Find a balance between fun and message.

5. No call to action – So you have a good video but nothing happens. Well, maybe you forgot to tell people what they need to do. A call to action may just be 1% of the whole production but it is very important if you want to get leads, conversions, or more customers.


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